Apple Is Third Largest U.S. PC Seller, New iPhone Patents, and More

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Apple Is Third Largest U.S. PC Seller, New iPhone Patents, and More

Movin' on Up: Numbers are in for the second quarter of 2007, and Apple's Mac shipments grew 26.2% year-over-year, which outpaces the industry three to one. And the market share has also risen to 5.6%. This also puts Apple into a tie with Gateway for the third largest U.S. PC seller, behind Dell and HP. (Here's a groovy pie chart! Mmm, pie.) Look for Apple's bottom line to keep on improving, thanks in part to AT&T sharing a cut of its iPhone subscription revenues. Ka-ching!


In other Apple news: A shortage of the new LED-backlit displays has led to shipping delays for the latest 15-inch MacBook Pros. And Apple's high demand for NAND flash memory (found in iPhones and iPod nanos) is causing increased prices for other manufacturers.


A couple of newly published patent applications hint at new products being developed: a dynamic lyrics display on iPods and iPhones (karaoke, anyone?), and a plan to let those same devices act as a wireless remote for iTunes and the Apple TV. (And to help you make sense of all these technology patent applications, here are four things you may not know.) Speaking of iPods, Apple's Jonathan Ive wins again: First lady Laura Bush presented the senior VP of industrial design with a National Design Award in a ceremony at the White House.


Finally: A startup called ooma plans to offer customers free VoIP calls for life, after they purchase the hardware for $399. But the VoIP market isn't all it's cracked up to be, postulates BusinessWeek. But this is: A joke site is "selling" the newest innovation in iPod cases -- a "gutted, hinged Zune" to encase your iPod. If they were real, we'd be all over it. Wouldn't you?



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Mari, in San Francisco

I bought my ipod, called apple within 30 days--told them my battery life was only about 4 hours, they didn't offer to get me a new one. now i just called again to tell them, your only covered for full 90 days! so as soon as you get it call them - AT 1800.MYAPPLE AND TELL THEM YOUR BATTERY IS NOT WORKING UP TO THE FULL SHELF LIFE BECAUSE THE ONE THEY GIVE YOU IS BAD- IT SHOULD BE 20 HOURS OF MUSIC, AND 6 HOURS OF VIDEO!! BTW, They offer a 2 year warranty its from the date of your purchase - be weary on that! they know they gave you a bad battery and are looking to make more money!



Funny, my current computer is a Gateway from the year 2000 and now i'm switching to an imac hopefully in december. Still in the minority of the pie chart though...

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