Apple Logic Studio

Apple Logic Studio

The new Delay Designer opens up a vast array of cool time-based effects.


Apple sent shock waves through the professional music industry last fall with the release of the industrial-strength, full-featured Logic Studio suite, which now represents the absolute best value for anyone looking to establish a digital audio recording and editing workstation from scratch. It contains everything you’ll need to create polished music - just add talent and stir.


One of the biggest obstacles for people weaned on GarageBand and moving up to previous versions of Logic has been the almost overwhelming interface, which was quite powerful but daunting to many who made the effort to master it. This latest version of Logic has undergone a significant overhaul, with the myriad overlapping windows of previous versions cleaned up and made more orderly with a single-screen approach.


Control-clicking on interface elements now brings up the contextual pop-up menu with all relevant commands, an Apple convention long absent from Logic. This doesn’t mean that Apple jettisoned any of the intense capabilities of the app. It just means that everything is easier to find and use, even the unique Environment window, which allows you to concoct the most insanely complex signal and control paths imaginable. The overall improvement in the interface is compelling enough to make Logic Studio your default recording and editing application. Former Logic users can rejoice in the fact that the USB copy-protection dongle is now officially history.


The Arrange window is the main editing screen for manipulating the chunks of MIDI and sampled audio that make up a recording. You can now edit sampled audio directly in this view, down to the individual sample level - a long-standing request from hardcore Logic users - as well as integrated time stretching and compression, which produce very smooth, usable results. External loops and audio are accessed via a Media Browser reminiscent of Final Cut’s, and there’s even a Spotlight-enabled search tool for quickly tracking down specific audio clips on any hard drive.


Logic has a slick new interface that puts all major functionality on a single screen, including sample-accurate audio editing.


Quick Swipe comping is a truly innovative addition that lets you instantly select the best portions of a take and create a comp. This feature is likely to convert some recording studio holdouts. Overall, the range of MIDI and audio editing tools is beyond the scope of this review, but rest assured that any editing contingency is covered well beyond the basics. Logic has many years of field use, and it shows in the deeply comprehensive and capable toolset.


Automation is also extensive, allowing you to create automated controls for most major audio attributes (volume and panning), as well as just about every control of the many instrument and effects plug-ins, including third-party Audio Units offerings. The Arrange view directly displays and edits all automation tracks as visual envelope controls, which are totally intuitive and can be adjusted even as a sequence is playing - a useful touch.


One of the most compelling value propositions of Logic Studio is the awesome range, quality, and flexibility of the arsenal of software instruments, effects, and loops. All five Apple Jam Packs are here, as well as thousands of sound effects and other musical content, more than enough to build some lovely compositions and musical accompaniments for just about any commercial and artistic undertaking. There are more than 2,400 channel strip templates, combining equalization, compression, and other effects into presets perfectly suited to making everything from vocals to recorded instruments sound stellar and polished.






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All five Apple Jam Packs are here? Thats true "There are more than 2,400 channel"?



One of the biggest concerns on the musicians forums is this ongoing core overload messages. Apparently Logic users have been suffering from them for a while now. (I am a new L8 user and new macbook user and this has affected me too)

Logic, no matter what computer its running on, will invariably stop and give a 'core overload message' regardless of minimal tracks or cpu usage.

This is the most retarded thing to be happening on a system of software/hardware that boasts a 'seemless' user experience.

No other DAW I've used or have heard of has ever had this dumb problem. APPLE. FIX THE !$#*%^# THING ALREADY!!!



That would be "seamless", and the logic doesn't follow. What's seamless got to do with core overload? It sounds like you and some other users (certainly not the majority) have a problem that is perhaps unique to your setup. Swearing at them isn't going to solve anything. Get on their boards and send feedback. They can't fix what they can't see, and it's hard to see through all the yelling and swearing.





Seamless shmeamless...who cares. Whenever the first thing a person does is critique another persons internet spelling, you can take whatever they say next with a grain of salt.
The fact is these core overloads are a massive problem, well documented and it does get reported. You get them too, I'll bet.

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