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Apple Louvre



Sometimes when you're admiring the works of The Masters you just need to break away and buy an Apple remote.


That's what Apple hopes will happen when they open their new Apple retail store under the famous glass pyramid of the Louvre. Apple will be joining Sephora, Espirit and the Virgin Megastore in their two-story space in the Carrousel du Louvre.





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I can't imagine a more characteristic spot to put an Apple store than at the entrance to one of the most famous museums in the world. I bet they were hoping to get a spot there for a long time, and Stevie wouldn't settle on just any spot on the champs elysees. Other prime interests probably included the Eiffel Tower or under the Arc de Triomph.

This is also an interesting trend in simplifying store geometry. First the conventional box shapes, then they went to the basic cube and now the pyramid. Eventually apple stores will be housed completely under glass domes.

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