Apple Negotiates Robust iPhone Music Deals

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Apple Negotiates Robust iPhone Music Deals


The New York Times reports several sources close to the music industry, claim Apple is in negotiations to expand iTunes music for the iPhone. The negotiations reportedly include the expansion of iTunes tracks with ringtone availability, the ability for the iPhone to play songs for inbound callers known as ringbacks and 3G music downloads.


Currently, iPhone users can pay an additional 99ยข to create a ringtone from a participating song they have already purchased from iTunes. Apple hopes to expand the library of participating songs. Ringbacks would create a second revenue stream beyond ringtones.


At the moment, the iTunes store is available from the iPhone when the device is connected to a Wi-Fi network. The current EDGE mobile network has been deemed to slow for large downloads, while 3G, with its faster connection, would facilitate anywhere music downloads.


One label executive stated, "They want a big launch in June," which lends itself to ongoing rumors of the 3G iPhone being released in June.




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