Apple Posts Leopard Guided Tour

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Apple Posts Leopard Guided Tour

In anticipation of the October 26th release of Leopard, Apple has posted a tutorial video hosted by "John," an Apple Store retail employee.




The tour covers the new Desktop look, Stacks, Coverflow view and new Sidebar in the Finder, Quick Look, Time Machine, Spaces, new Mail features, the new iChat features and upgrading your Mac.


Gather the kids around the computer, it's tutorial video time.



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This guy is an employee from Omaha, NE, my hometown! Now at least Nebraska might have more than corn yields to look forward to.



Nice presentation, but the sudden appearance of the external drive when they introduce Time Machine is kind of eerie. How did that get there? Is this that loading program in they've got in the Matrix?



Thanks Mac|Life. This is fantastic..

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