Apple Q4: $904 Million Profit

Apple Q4: $904 Million Profit

Key points to Apple's results:


• Last year, Apple's Q4 revenue was $4.84 billion, profit was $542 million.

• 2,164,000 Macs shipped during the quarter, which is 34 percent more than last year.

• 10,200,000 iPods sold during the quarter (17 percent growth over last year).

• 1,119,000 iPhones sold (1,389,000 total iPhones sold so far).

• $24 billion in total revenue for 2007; $3.5 billion in 2007 net profit.

• Apple has $15.4 billion in cash "and no debt," according to Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer.

• Gross margin was 33.6 percent, up from 29.2 percent in the year-ago quarter.

• iTunes Store has sold over 3 billion songs and 100 million TV shows.

• Apple's retail stores: $1.25 billion in revenue. Average revenue per store: $6.6 million.

• Apple forecast for December quarter: $9.2 billion in revenue; 31 percent gross margin.




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"and no debt"

I feel that part is amazing all by itself.


Li Ge

That's a lot a nuts!



Shut up, Tito.


My Name

Somehow I liked Apple better when they were struggling. I felt on-par with them.

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