Apple Settles with Canada, Stream Your iTunes Favs in Facebook and Apple Sticks It to the Earth

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Apple Settles with Canada, Stream Your iTunes Favs in Facebook and Apple Sticks It to the Earth


Sorry Canada, here's some money: Canadian iPod owners who purchased their devices before June 24, 2005, could be eligible for a $45 credit to be used at the Apple Online Store. The settlement covers claims that iPods didn't retain the battery life advertised by Apple. Canadians could use that cash towards the eventual iPhone release.


Facebook pokes your iTunes: Got an iTunes playlist that you just have to share with your Facebook friends? Melodeo has released a new feature for their nuTsie iTunes streaming application that allows you to embed five playlists. Before you get concerned over copyright, sharing music from your computer and the long arm of the RIAA, the nuTsie app identifies the songs in your playlist and streams them from their servers. So your band's rendition of Milli Vanilli hits might not be available.


Apple hates Mother Earth: Non-Profit organization, Climate Counts, gave Apple a score of 11 out of 100 in its annual climate-change awareness rating of computer companies. Before you beat your iMac with your Birkenstocks, much of the score is assessed from what the company states on their website about climate change.


The iPhone map: Curious how the iPhone's global reach looks? Check out this map. It's like a mobile version of the game Risk. Remember, Australia is the key to the whole game.


O2 getting more iPhones: O2 and Carphone Warehouse are expecting new shipments of iPhones after recently selling out of the device.


C64 on iPhone, the circle of nerd is complete: The commodore 64 has a warm place in many nerds heart. Hopefully soon you will be able to relive your computer camp memories while on the go. The operating system has been ported onto the iPhone by Aussie Bloke. The app iFrodo, doesn't have a release date as of yet.




OrbLive on iPhone: Orb has released OrbLive for the iPhone. The app streams live TV, Internet TV, webcam and any video media stored on your machine to your iPhone or iPod touch. They claim the streaming will even work over AT&T's EDGE network. That's the good news, the bad news, it's Windows only. We've emailed the company asking when they plan to port the Orb application to Mac. Keep your fingers crossed.




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Well, I don't understand - did this rebate also apply to the US or only Canada? Are there any details about the event? Just makes no sense to me that they would do this so late.



AT&T and Apple, pull your heads out of your back side and make it available all across the US. There are still gaping holes in their service in the western US. Montana, Idaho, Nebraska, North and South Dakota, huge parts of Washington and Oregon, Nevada, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas. So I guess none of our business matters? Sure you can get a signal and use your iPhone if you are in any of those places, but AT&T service is not available to residents there. So do one of two things, AT&T expand your service area (partners already exist in those states, how hard is it to sell your product there?) or the one I'd honestly prefer, Apple make the iPhone available on different carriers.



People live in those states? Lol

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