Apple Shares High on iPhone, Three Euro Nations Slated for iPhone, When Hackers Hit, and More

Apple Shares High on iPhone, Three Euro Nations Slated for iPhone, When Hackers Hit, and More

In the money: What happens when a company, say Apple, wildly exceeds analysts expectations and moves as many as 700,000 estimated units (depending upon whom you ask) in its first weekend? You get a 4 percent rise in share value and Apple's stock soaring higher than it has ever been. Add to that, according to the research firm iSuppli, a 55-percent profit margin, and all the hubbub starts making sense.


iPhone on the march: Britain, France, and Germany are slated to be the first European nations to get their hands on the iPhone. Feverishly working on deals from country to country, Apple plans the iPhone Euro roll out this year, with Asia soon following in 2008.


Hacking the iPhone: The Wall Street Journal reports today that hackers have hit the iPhone, not with a vengeance necessarily, but in order to get some of the features to work without an AT&T activation so that you can get the browser and iTune features to work on Wi-Fi without the AT&T cell features being on. Niceeee.


iPod extras: Apple just shipped an iPod Shuffle reset application; the Reset Utility 1.0.2 will get both generations of the iPod shuffle back to their factory default settings. Which means: it erases all non-factory data from your iPod. An app of last resort clearly, but probably nice to have if you need it.


Transformers: more than meets the eye: WiebeTech's got a product in a featured location in the new movie Transformers. If you find the WiebeTech product somewhere on the silver screen you can then enter to win a prize package loaded with Transformers and WiebeTech merchandise. The prize package includes a WiebeTech RTX100-Q with a 250GB drive, Transformers action figures, games, and other goodies. Click here to enter your selection and register to win.




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