Apple Soars to Number Four, Patches Safari, and Wants to Put Lasers on Your Head

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Apple Soars to Number Four, Patches Safari, and Wants to Put Lasers on Your Head


Straight to the dome: Is it too much to ask for a frickin' head-mounted display that uses a frickin' laser engine? Steve Jobs doesn't think so. Apple has filed a few patent applications for just such a futuristic laser-powered wonder. There are three applications total, and this one uses the word "laser" eight times in the first paragraph. How great will it be when instead of seeing white iPod earbuds dangling from the general population's heads, we see zombified Geordi La Forge lookalikes shuffling around the sidewalks?


Let's go surfin', securin' Safari: Apple has released a security patch for Safari that squashes the exploit used to take over a MacBook Air at last months's CanSecWest conference's PWN 2 OWN contest. The update is for both the Windows and Mac versions of Safari. Don't forget to patch, thar, mateys. Arr.


Like sands through the hourglass: The Psystar saga continues unabated. If you're just tuning in, the company that is offering $400 and $1000 Mac clones has been called out as too good to be true. First they changed their address a few times. Then Gizmodo took pictures of the locations, which didn't belong to Psystar at all. Then the address on the site changed again, and the online store went down because it couldn't process credit cards. Tom's Hardware got an interview with company president Rudy Pedraza, who boasted "We're going to do it whether Steve Jobs likes it or not." "It" of course is selling non-Apple-branded computers with Leopard installed, which violates Apple's End User License Agreement. But legal experts say that Apple might not be able to do much about it, although another lawyer points out that the costs of taking Apple on "would crush them out of business." Psystar released a statement again claiming to be legit, but the general consensus is not to buy one until it's proven that the computers are actually shipping. Or until Woz gets one.


Hey good-lookin', new MacBook in? AppleInsider reports that a worker at a Taiwanese case manufacturer claims that his employer is supplying the aluminum enclosures for a new iteration of the MacBook. MacRumors has screenshots purporting to show the new MacBook, as well as a new iMac-like MacBook Pro and a release date (June 10) for iTunes 8.

We're number four! According to research firm Gartner, Apple captured 6.6 percent of the U.S. computer market in Q1 2008, shipping 32.5 percent more Macs than in Q1 2007. This moved Apple to No. 4, passing Toshiba but still trailing Dell, HP, and Acer, although both HP and Acer saw a decrease in sales over Q1 2007.


And finally: Don't miss Ars Technica's very helpful guide to Mac security. iPhone sales in Europe are sluggish. Worldwide Biggies is releasing The Princess Bride Game for the Mac, and they're having a contest to see who can make the best remix of the movie's title track. To find out more and download the song's components, check out



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"It" of course is sell non-Apple-branded computers with Leopard installed"


You Shame Your Past English Teachers... :*(


Susie Ochs

You're right, I should have used the gerund form of to sell since it's acting as a noun in this case. Apologies to both you and Mrs. Rice, who aside from my mom was the Best English Teacher Ever.



"...was the Best English Teacher Ever."

Apparently not. Or maybe you didn't pay enough attention.



Sheesh - they got the info out in a timely manner, didn't they? Don't criticize grammar mistakes if you can't get it right yourself.



Does anyone remember Cherry OS? I didn't think so. It was software that purported to enable Wintel machines to run OS X. It turned out to be nothing more than unfinished, nonexistent vapor, and the 'developers' quickly followed suit. I suspect Psystar is walking in their footsteps.

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