Apple & Starbucks Sued, iTunes Updated and 5G Bluetooth iPod

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Apple & Starbucks Sued, iTunes Updated and 5G Bluetooth iPod


Gift card lawsuit: A Utah couple has filed a lawsuit against Apple and Starbucks over patent infringement stemming from the "Song of the Day" promotion.


It's about time: Unsexy, but important product, Time Capsule, starts shipping next week. Let the backing up of important files begin.


Bluetooth iPod: The folks at have successfully created a Bluetooth native 5G iPod. They plan on placing instructions on the site soon.


Whatever you do, don't fall asleep: Researchers have found a security flaw in several disk security technologies including File Vault. It turns out passwords and encryption keys stay stored in RAM and don't disappear immediately after losing power. Sleep and Hibernation modes are cited as security danger zones.


iTunes 7.6.1 update: Check Software Update, Apple left you a little iTunes present there. The update improves compatibility with Apple TV and fixes bugs.


Weekend iTunes rental deal: Apple will be offering a weekly 99¢ movie rental deal every week. The specially priced video will arrive in iTunes on Thursday and is available at the special price through Monday. This week's rental is "The Hours."


And finally: Fans of the TV series, "Lost" should check out the weekly Lost Diary. Discuss Kate's inability to make a smart decision.




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Thales de Mileto—who lived in Greece about 600 B.C.—studied attractive forces associated with magnets so I am going to have to sue Apple on behalf of the de Mileto family for using magnets in the mag safe.

What about plastic, somebody should sue Apple for using plastic in their products. Or for using light to illuminate their display screens, they know light doesn't belong to them, right...

It's so good to make money from the success of others.


Walker Quine

seems like suing apple is the new national pastime, I think that by inventing the iphone they infringed on alexander graham bell's origional patent, think we should sue them?



Want to know what's become even more of a "national pastime"? Big companies screwing over the "little guy," simply because they can...

We should all support this suit. I guarantee you this isn't the last time a company tries to steal someone's idea and run with it.



Clearly, you haven't read the patent or the complaint. So, why comment?


Roberto Baldwin

I thought it would be cool to listen to music with things I put in my ears.

Now they have the iPod. I'm pissed!

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