Apple Stock Hit No Big Deal and Steve Still Gets a Buck a Year

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Apple Stock Hit No Big Deal and Steve Still Gets a Buck a Year


Big money: Even with yesterdays 11% hit to Apple stock, Apple is still poised to potentially weather the economic downturn unscathed.


$1 Jobs: While several senior executives at Apple got a hearty 2007 bonus, Steve is still just pulling in a buck. Don't start the Steve Jobs telethon just yet. He holds 5.5 million shares of Apple common stock.


I spy with my little eye: If you were going over the Stevenote with a fine tooth comb you may have noticed a undocumented Time Machine option, "Only Show Changes." The new feature is expected to pop up in 10.5.2.


1.1.3 innards: An in depth rooting around of the latest iPhone firmware reveals some changes in anticipation of the SDK being released in February.


The main changes, as reported by, are -


- SpringBoard no longer needs to be modified (via SummerBoard) in order to show extra applications in the /Applications folder.
- All applications now run as the user 'mobile' instead of as root.
- Preferences are now stored in /var/mobile rather than in /var/root.


Woz on the mic: If you have 20 minutes to spare, Dutch site, One More Thing , scored a Woz interview from the Mac Expo floor. Spoiler alert: At no point does he ride a Segway.


MacHeads the movie: If your love of all things Apple seems like a great idea for a documentary, too late. Someone already beat you to the punch. Check out the MacHeads trailer and prepare to feel better about hugging your iPod.


Business classy: AT&T has finally added the iPhone to its Enterprise plans. Don't run off to your IT department just yet. The iPhone still does not support Exchange, unless you count IMAP, which most IT admins don't. Still, it's a good time to get your boss to pay for your shiny new iPhone.




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That movie could either be really great for Apple, or their worst nightmare. If done poorly, us Mac users might never be able to live down the shame. I'm a little frightened over how the average Mac user will be portrayed.

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