Apple Tackles Fitness, Photoshop Express, Grand Theft iPhone, and More

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Apple Tackles Fitness, Photoshop Express, Grand Theft iPhone, and More


Let's get physical: Apple has applied for several patents for an iPod- and iPhone-based digital fitness system. Users enter basic information into an iTunes-like interface, choose goals, and receive a fitness regimen tailored to them. Then they'll also receive guidance and feedback during workouts -- kind of like the existing Nike + iPod Sport Kit, but for more than just running.


Adobe is working hard for better Facebook pictures: For U.S. residents, today marks the beginning of the public beta for Photoshop Express, a Web-based photo editor by Adobe. It uses Flash technology, edits nondestructively, includes online storage, and can export to Facebook and other online photo-sharing services. Try it out here. We dig it so far -- do you think it could change the world?


Mac desire increasing on campus: Sure, we all know that college students are horny, but did you know how many are lusting after Macs? According to a survey by Morgan Stanley, 40 percent of college kids plan to buy a Mac as their next computer. If the trend continues, it translate into an increase of the Mac's market share in the long term.


More 3G iPhone buzz: The rumor mill keeps grinding away. Here's a synopsis of what we've heard so far. And in a new development, Apple has secured naming rights in Japan, and any iPhone released in Japan would have to be 3G...wouldn't it?


Slimming down: Rumors are also afoot that the iMac and Mac mini may be redesigned soon, with LOOPRumors reporting that svelter models "will be available within weeks." The iMac was redesigned much more recently than the Mac mini, but sleeker Macs are always welcome.


Finally: Sure, Amazon is the second largest online retailer behind the iTunes Store -- but is it truly a competitor yet? And two Apple Store employees were busted for stealing 332 iPhones. We're sure they were just faithfully trying to help their employer hit its "10 million iPhones by the end of '08" estimate -- right?




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Mark Ranson

When will the iPhone be released in Hong Kong? Yes, there are plenty on sale for those willing to hack them and/or tolerate 2.5G but for those of us based in HK and who travel the region and the world on business, we need 3G.

Are any plans afoot for Apple to nominate an iPhone service provider in HK?



My new iMac is less than three weeks old.



Dammit, I just bought an iMac at the end of January, expecting the next revision to come around August.

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