Apple to Announce Earnings, Leopard Talk, New AppTapp for iPhone

Apple to Announce Earnings, Leopard Talk, New AppTapp for iPhone


Apple earnings for Q4: Today at 5pm Eastern, Apple will announce its earnings for the fourth quarter of 2007. You can listen to the conference call online.


Leopard momentum: In a New York Times article, Steve Jobs says that the Mac "is outpacing the industry." Jobs also talks about touchscreen interfaces and how they will affect how we control computers in the future.


New AppTapp for iPhone: NullRiver has released AppTapp version .3. While the NullRiver site doesn't officially say so, some people have used the new AppTapp with iPhone firmware 1.1.1. AppTapp is the installer you can use to put native software on your iPhone.


AT&T partners with Napster: AT&T, the service provider for the iPhone, announced a partnership with Napster. AT&T will offer Napster's music catalog online. The new Napster service won't work on the iPhone. Songs will cost $1.99.


BS on Greenpeace: A chemical industry group says that Greenpeace was out of line when the organization slammed the iPhone last week.




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So where's the lawyers? Didn't AT&T just break a "exclusive" aggreement? Does this now open Apple up to let the iPhone roam free-range like a boneless chicken? If AT&T can offer Napster why can't Apple now offer say... iPhone-TMo/Vcast Editions... note I left that first class loser "Sprint/Nextel" out of there? I don't have cheap relatives over the border... did I say that?

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