Apple TV of the Future, New iPhone Ad and Waiting for the Next iPhone

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Apple TV of the Future, New iPhone Ad and Waiting for the Next iPhone


Apple TV looks to the future: Apple filed a patent for new Apple TV/Front Row functionality. The new functions include, viewing of broadcast television, iChat within the environments, text messaging and real time information. Maybe this will be available in Apple TV take 3 "The Directors Cut."


DOS iPhone attack: An iPhone denial of service exploit still hasn't been fixed according to iPhone world. Nefarious scripts on websites could cause potential harm to iPhones. Various security firms expect iphone attacks before the end of 2008. These folks never have good news.


New iPhone Ad: Check out the new iPhone ad. Now think about the person who can afford both an iPhone and an Aspen vacation.




Forbes and Robbie say wait: Even with the latest memory bump, Forbes and Mac|Life staff member, Robbie, believe you should wait until the 3G iPhone is released if you haven't already made the plunge. Forbes points to AT&T rolling out 3G in 80 additional cities, Jobs frustration with the slow EDGE connection and new 3G Broadcom chips. Robbie used an Ouija board and expects a June/July announcement with a September release.


Solid-State Speedy: Walt Mossberg put Solid-State hard drives to the test. The verdict: Super fast, too expensive.


Universal Music Service in trouble with "The Man": The Universal, Sony BMG music service, "Total Music" has raised the interest of the Justice Department. Antitrust issues might be what's on the Justice Departments mind.


And finally: Mythbuster interactive slow-mo videos. Boom!




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Although I'm an Apple fan (iMac, waiting to buy new Macbook Pro), their advertising almost qualifies as class warfare.

The idealized Apple customer is wealthy enough to pay 600 a pop for the latest gizmos, constantly update his/her other technology to work perfectly with the new gizmos, and use the gizmos among other wealthy people who will not think he/she is a dork for having it.

This customer has a powerful drive to search for sushi and Starbucks, watch episodes of The Office, and make vacation plans while away from his/her brand new aluminum iMac, AppleTV, Time Capsule, and other home base gear. Assumedly, his/her hot, acceptably younger boyfriend/girlfriend is using the full mobile setup based on their MacBook Pro to plan their wine-tasting tour in Napa.

The sad part of all of this is that the customer is supposed to be under 35. Jet Blue or no, this kind of idealized young-but-unrealistically-rich image just gets all of us middle-class consumers into a froth, pursuing an impossible image of "normal but cool" Apple life. It's class warfare, and worse, I'm a sucker for it.


Middle Class Machead

A $600 computer (Mac Mini) with the best operating system in the world and a ton of free software, coupled with a $150 iPod (iPod Nano) that plays music, video, games, and pics, is hardly a war on the middle class. While we all drool over the more expensive Apple items, Apple does provide sweet stuff for the rest of us.

Obviously most middle class people don't have a spare $750 lying around, however, we all have computers and we all have mp3 players and those prices are pretty darn competitive. In addition, a new basic iMac - especially with a student discount which is easy to get if you know a student - is not overpriced at all compared to anything close by other computer makers. Anything above a basic computer is really unnecessary for a normal middle class user.



If you can afford Aspen, an iPhone is easy.

The chuckle for me is the same dude flying JetBlue. First Class on Delta is more likely.

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