Apple TV Take 2, Spore for the Mac and Rush Appeals to Jobs

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Apple TV Take 2, Spore for the Mac and Rush Appeals to Jobs


Apple TV Take 2: Yesterday, Apple released the slightly delayed, Apple TV Take 2 update. Take the, now relevant, Apple TV guided tour to get yourself acquainted with the latest Apple TV software.


Spore infects your Mac in September: Spore will be available for Mac, PC, and Nintendo DS, September 7th 2008. Check out our interview with Spore developers, Will Wright and Lucy Bradshaw.


Rush to his aid: Staunch conservative, Rush Limbaugh made a plea to Apple CEO Steve Jobs yesterday during his daily conservative talk show. Leopard has become a larger thorn in his side than John McCain's presidential campaign.


Apple ads push online searches: Whoever is choosing the music for the latest Apple commercials should get a raise. Searches for the music in Apple ads explodes after the commercial airs. Feist's "1-2-3-4" YouTube video traffic grew 1200% after the iPod nano ad featuring the song aired.


New online music store enters the ring: released its online music store, PlayDigital today in another attempt to take down iTunes. Good luck PlayDigital, you're gonna need it.


Another iPhone analyst prediction: The seers of the modern age, analysts, believe Apple will release a 3G iPhone by the middle of this year. When asked who will win next years Super Bowl, they just shrugged and shuffled off to get lattes.


Multi-touch update: Apple has revealed that multi-touch is just a software update away for existing MacBook and MacBook Pros. "Hey Apple, since you're so update happy this week, why not send us a lovely Valentines day multi-touch update. Thanks!" It doesn't hurt to ask.




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Scott Brookes

I really like Apple TV but i have one beef and i cant believe that apple hasnt allowed us to do it... it seems like a simple thing...

that is allow us to use our movie posters from our movies as the screen saver

you can use there pictures your pictures.... album art.... why not movie art.... I would even settle for all media art movies and music......

but im much more impressed with my own movie collection then my music one



maybe that a-hole limbaugh will choke on his cigar. what a complete idiot.



Did anyone figure out what rushs problem with lepored was. I can find no describction of the issues. Just whinning about how he can not get apple to help. Its not yuor politics pillhead (see oxycontant) it's that you cannot describe the problems!

Where is the news story on AT&T/Starbucks Wi-Fi deal and how it will impact apple?


Scott B in DC

I have had no problems with Leopard. Sure, there has been a few annoyances, but no more than I had become used to under Tiger. With the exception of one third-party program, the transition was nearly painless.

Oh yea... I don't use wireless! As a security geek, I refuse to use it and paid to have my house wired so I don't have to use wireless. However, I am having bluetooth problems while sync'ing my Palm.

I like the fix to Stacks. I want to use it to reorder my task bar. The new list feature is something I would have liked it from the beginning.

I wish I had better control over Time Machine. I like the concept--and I do not need to create a boot volume. But I would like to have a better interface to control what is downloaded, excluded, and all of the other parameters without having to wrestle with the .plist file.

I wish there was hard link support from the Finder.

I wish there was an option in Finder "Open Terminal Here" and you would be put into the directory you're viewing.

I wish Safari Block worked properly!

When I went to eject a disk and couldn't because it was "busy," I wish it would tell me why.



I've experienced nothing but problems since my Leopard upgrade - wireless issues that even 10.5.2 didn't fix, software incompatibilities, and the like. Apple really let me down.

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