Apple TV Take 2 Update Available

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Apple TV Take 2 Update Available


Our constant checking of the Software Update has finally paid off, Apple TV Take 2 is here.


Here is our first look of the latest Apple TV update.


We've finished the update, now to choose a film. I decided on the 1984 classic "Purple Rain" in HD.


Standard warning about time limits. We were asked to enter our Apple ID information before the download began.


Uh oh, we've encountered a problem.


After dismissing the dialog box, it turns out we need to free up some space on our Apple TV.


We removed some media and begin downloading our rental from the download section.


After a few moments, the progress bar showed 2 percent of the film downloaded and the Apple TV informed us that we could begin rocking out with his Royal Purpleness.


This is what it looks like when HD films are streamed.


The qualtiy on our HD TV was good. Not Blu-ray good, but more than adequate for most peoples needs.


Check back with and Mac|Life magazine for a full review of Apple TV Take 2. 




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It's hard to tell how significant it is, but there are a large number of postings going up on the Apple Discussion Board complaining about major problems with Take 2. Everything from a stuttering and freezing interface to problems with playback and syncing. My sync time has increased 30 fold since I "upgraded" to Take 2.

Something for MacLife to look into, I think.



Photographing HDTV is pretty tough, anyway. You can't count on getting a full scan unless you're at a 25th of a second or slower.

What I usually do - since I'm using a DirecTV HD DVR - is freeze a frame and shoot the photo at a 25th second using a monopod. I've gotten some stellar images for blog posting that way.

And if you didn't notice, Apple now has a setting for 1080p TV sets. I doubt they've bumped their resolution about 720p, yet - not really much of an audience. But, I duly made the adjustment.

The silliest bit - my own, that is - was experimenting for a half-hour before I finally noticed the tiny bug to the right of listings > to use for deleting podcasts, etc. downloaded direct to the AppleTV.

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