Apple Unveils New iMac Line, Over-the-Air iPhone Downloads Predicted, iPhone Hacks & More

Apple Unveils New iMac Line, Over-the-Air iPhone Downloads Predicted, iPhone Hacks & More

Hit Refresh: In the warm afterglow of the continuing iPhone insanity (speaking of insanity, and while we're aggressively disagreeing over whether Conan O'Brian is must be admitted that THIS is pretty funny) Apple’s reminded people that it still makes computers with the unveiling today of a new line of iMac computers. Scheduled to debut on Tuesday at a price that starts at $1199, the new iMac has a new outer shell, an iLife update, a fancy schmancy keyboard and a raft of other smaller upgrades. Do we want one? Why, yes, please. And check out our drilldown on-the-scene coverage of the actual Apple event.


iPhone hits the airwaves: According to a new report from Pike & Fischer Apple’s planning on turning iTunes into a wireless service for the iPhone so that users will actually be able to download music and video wirelessly. Others have already made inroads here so Apple’s moves are well-placed in an increasingly competitive marketplace that has Apple struggling against itself, Microsoft and just about everyone else.


iPhone game hack: Hackers, busy as bees exploiting the iPhone architecture for both good and ill, have recently figured out how to hack it so that you can play Nintendo games on it. Yet one more reason to never, ever go outside to play ever again.


Apple Lawsuit Troll?: The iPhone’s virtual keyboard is the subject of a recent lawsuit by a man who was just sentenced to 51 months in the graybar hotel by Federal authorities for healthcare fraud and owing $900,000 to insurers. Heyyyy…it’s a living.


iTunes competition from Amazon: Amazon’s just invested a chunk o’ change (we imagine) in AmieStreet, a DRM-free music site that sells songs along a sliding scale based on collective interest: all songs start off free and get more expensive the more popular they get. The downloaded songs will also play on just about any device. And the plot thickens.



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