Apple Urging Nets to Cut iTunes TV Prices [Possibly], iPhone Hacked in the Great White North, the Economics of Apology & More

Apple Urging Nets to Cut iTunes TV Prices [Possibly], iPhone Hacked in the Great White North, the Economics of Apology & More


Cheap but not free: In a giving mood Apple, the rumor mills have it, is not only throwing around store credits but is supposedly urging the remaining networks in the iTunes store to chop the prices of their TV shows down to 99 cents an episode. With video not moving anywhere nearly the same numbers as music, perhaps the expectation is that a price drop would provide the public ample incentive to begin paying for that which they currently get for free anyway. Yeah. We just said that.


Oh, Canadian iPhone: So close, yet so far away pretty much perfectly describes Canadian chagrin at actually being another country and not being able to get their hands on useable iPhones while their southern neighbors did the nyah-nyah dance. But no more. By using the recent iPhone hack, Bobby Tzanev, CTO at a web design company, has unlocked the phone, rewritten some software and gotten it to work on Rogers Wireless’ Fido network. Tzanev has yet to be billed but estimates are putting his first time bill at an easy $700 a month. Yow.


How $orry is $orry: Even though UBS analyst Ben Reitzes costs out Apple’s recent open letter apology/”refund” at $100 million, it seems it was really a bit of handy horse trading with the numbers coming out largely in Apple’s favor. Which is, in fact, no surprise at all.


Da Patch: iTunes 7.4 update fixes a bug that could have hit both Mac and Windows users and will even add features to the soon-coming iPod Touch. The update can be downloaded now even though some of the features won’t be enabled until later this year.


Ringtones for free?: Until someone somewhere catches you? Seems like it.



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even if they dropped the video to 99c the problem is that the file sizes are still big, making it hard for us on laptops to do much in the way of heavy video watching, now when i get my iMac, that's a different story

On the iPhone in canada thing, all i can say is i am glad i live in the good ol usa lol


Clay Garland

I love how the linked article says that the iPhone is now "on par" with the price of other smartphones when it is actually less than most and half the price of some.


doug rogers

I am not one of the Rogers who owns Rogers in Canada.

Rogers is notorious for having lousy net service and not knowing what a Macintosh is. It will be interesting to see what shakes out as a carrier for the iPhone in Canada.




I haven't experienced internet issues over Rogers Wirelss network. To point out Rogers is the only company to have started upgrading their wireless network to 3G (HSDPA) which should be launched across Canada by the end of this year. Currently it's only available in the golden horseshoe (Toronto, Mississauga, etc) in Ontario and test areas of Vancouver and Montreal. Both Telus and Bell are unable to provide 3G to their customers due to their outdated network which means no video call ability or real time video streaming for movies, TV, etc. No I don't count Bell's 15 frames per second movies on the phone as real time streaming.

As for owning a Mac I have one and when calling for tech support about syncing your device to your Mac or using an EDGE or 3G data card you should be calling they're Data Customer Care line, not the regular Wireless Customer Care line. Most regular Wireless Customer Care reps aren't specifically trained on data devices and won't be able to help you. Also when calling in you should ensure if it's related to a phone that isn't OS X supported by the manufacturer then there's little Rogers will be able to help you with. Your complaint then should be with the manufacturer not providing adequate OS X support and/or user guide documentation.

It may be frustrating but it's a reality that the majority of the world market for businesses and education use either Windows or Linux or a combination of both. Hopefully when the Apple iPhone comes to Rogers there will be improved tech support for customers using Apple products.



To imply that giving $100 million in credit is a wash for apple is insane. Jeff Skilling would be proud. It doesn't count becuase its only one time? Wha????? Reducing iphone prices impacts this rebate's cost how? That ZDnet blog post is the single dumbest piece of financial writing I have ever seen. This is a clear screw up by apple.



What is store credit gentlemen?

Apple's actual cost will be at worst 70% and at best 50% of the 100 Million.

between 50 to 70 mill


David W

I would like to know how you get free tv, because where I live, you have to pay about $50 to $90 a month to get cable, satelite, or FiOS TV. So, personally, I don't have TV and just buy stuff from iTunes, because then I only pay for what I want!



It's this old device known as an antenna. Picture quality probably isn't quite what you're used to (unless you have an HDTV and can receive a HD signal) and you'll typically get, at most, a dozen channels, but there it is. Free TV.

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