Apple v. Amazon: Digital Music Battle Begins, Apple Options Drama and the iPhone Money Machine Rolls On

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Apple v. Amazon: Digital Music Battle Begins, Apple Options Drama and the iPhone Money Machine Rolls On


Journey down the DRM-free Amazon: Amazon launched Amazon MP3 yesterday, the first online store to offer all of its songs without the restrictions of DRM. The new iTunes competitor is offering more than half of its songs for $.89. It's a bargain music shoppers dream. Songs are compatible with the iPod and iPhone.


Apple, we need to see your papers: A California judge will order Apple to turn over meeting minutes and related records pertaining to stock option accounting. Apple will turn the documents over to a shareholder named the Boston Retirement Board.


iPhone money machine: The three European operators who won the exclusive rights to sell the iPhone in their respective countries may have to repay Apple up to 30 percent of their revenues. None of the companies involved have commented on the speculation.


Apple Store remodel: The Apple online store got a facelift last night. Check out the new blue color scheme and purchase an iPod for your favorite Mac-centric website. Wink wink, nudge nudge.


Super secret Newton plans: Is Apple planning to re-release the Newton? Appleinsider thinks so. Jobs isn't really a fan of the PDA in general so, we're not holding our breath.



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Just for fun, I went to the new Amazon MP3 download store to try and buy a the Clapton version of the song Hard Times. Much frustration resulted and I was reminded again of how well engineered the ITMS really is when compared to this effort by Amazon.

At Amazon, there is no way to sort search results by Artist or Title; only by relevance, bestselling, customer reviews, & release date. This lack of useable sort options meant I had to waste 5 - 10 minutes slogging through page after page of listings to find, eventually, that they didn't have the song I was looking for.

It took exactly ten seconds to locate and purchase this song with iTunes.

'Nuff said.




I have a feeling that the iTunes Music Store is going to win because of one reason: the wireless download system will cause many people to start the impulse buying.
And due to the fact that it is built into iTunes, means that more people are likely to buy from this store, as it's only one click away.

I will however start to use the cheeper of the two.

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