Apple Versus Cisco: The Battle Over the iPhone Name

Apple Versus Cisco: The Battle Over the iPhone Name


The press has turned its focus from the iPhone itself to the battle between Cisco and Apple over the iPhone name. Not only will this be a long, expensive court battle with complicated issues to resolve. Some lawyers seem to think that both companies will end up with rights to use the iPhone moniker, while others think that Cisco will win. All this could've been avoided had the two companies just sat down and talked, you say? Well, they did that, but apparently, Cisco was asking too much from Apple. And you know how Steve Jobs gets when a company tries to get its way with Apple.


In other news: It's Friday, and it's also the last day of Mac Expo 2007. So you know what that means? It's time to escape the reality distortion field and enter the real world, where not everyone loves the Cupertino company. Some think the iPhone is too expensive at $499 and $599 for such an ordinary product. It also seems as if the movie industry has high demands for Apple when it comes to iTunes movies—you gotta admit, you were hoping that more movie studios would've joined Disney and Paramount at this point. And hey, did you manage to forget about the stock options probe? You did? Good for you. We're sure Apple did for a while, until federal investigators started looking for two lawyers to question about Steve Jobs's stock options. All we know is that we're too tired and our feet ache from Expo. It's time to show our feet some love, crack open a brew, and breath deeply. What a week.





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When I first heard about this lawsuit, I thought "Why not just save yourselves the trouble Apple? Change the name to something better, like iCell." iCell is better than iPhone, don't you agree?


Paul K

Everyone was expecting Apple to introduce the iphone. Apple did just that and received plenty of free publicity. This product is still in the final stages of development and Apple can easily change the name just as they did with the i-tv. They could name it the apple phone or pod phone. If Apple does rename the iphone they will just get more free publicity. In the end what matters is that people will by the ?-phone for the Apple name and/or for the phone's features and not the phone's name.



What I don't understand is why Apple didn't go with another name. I mean they chosed Apple TV instead of iTV since that name was already taken so why couldn't they've gone with Apple Phone instead of iPhone and thereby saved themselves some trouble with yet another lawsuit.



If both of these firms knew how to play win/win they both could benifit and save feeding the shark tank full of lawyers.
Cisco why not give Apple the name in exchange for a royalty on each iPhone sold, a reasonable royalty. The more iPhones sold the more in the kitty for doing absolutely nothing or feed the lawyers and maybe end up with nothing, your choice.

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