Apple, VW Talk iCar, Apple Sued (Again), Apple Store Burglaries, and More

Apple, VW Talk iCar, Apple Sued (Again), Apple Store Burglaries, and More

Apple, VW talk iCar: Word from Volkwagen's Hans-Gerd Bode is that Apple and VW are talking about building an iCar. Before you get all excited about driving an iMac-shaped car, the iCar would be a VW that's decked out with iPod accessories. No word on whether the iCar would perform a Mac chime when you turn the ignition, or if the iCar will be available in white, black, or brushed aluminum.


Another Apple lawsuit: Two San Francisco women have filed suit against Apple, accusing Apple of violating the the federal Americans With Disabilities Act and the California Health and Safety Code. The suit says that Apple Stores fail to provide "full and equal" access at its downtown San Francisco location. Hey, at least it's not yet another iPhone lawsuit.


Apple store burglaries: Speaking of the Apple Store, the Apple Store in Saddle Creek (Memphis, Tenn.) was robbed recently. The burglars made off with $25,000 worth of gear in 60 seconds. There's been a rash of Apple Store burglaries; on Aug. 22, the University Village store in Seattle, Wash., had a bunch of laptops and iPods stolen, and on Aug. 13, the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, Mo., was broken into and lost $17,000 worth of product.


AirPort Extreme update: Apple has released AirPort Extreme Base Station with 802.11n Firmware 7.2.1. Apple says the update has bug fixes and security updates.


In other news: If you plan to sell your unlocked iPhone you could be asking to get sued. Sony has shut down its Connect digital music store. The video game industry will soon be bigger than the music industry. And finally, for all you children of the '80s, Joust is coming to the big screen.



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