Apple's Q1 Financial Report Indicates Strong Growth

Apple's Q1 Financial Report Indicates Strong Growth


Our favorite quote from Apple's announcement today of its strong September-through-December sales: "Apple shipped 1,606,000 Macintosh computers and 21,066,000 iPods during the quarter, representing 28 percent growth in Macs and 50 percent growth in iPods over the year-ago quarter."


Even to us dyed-in-the-wool Mac lifers, those numbers are impressive. Just when some nay-sayers were nay-saying that the iPod surge was slowing - had to slow, according to some - 50 percent more 'Pods went into the happy hands of music, video, and photo lovers this holiday season than last holiday season. And 2005's holiday season was nothing to sneeze at, either - during that period, Apple shipped 1,254,000 Macs and 14,043,000 'Pods. Apple's net sales this holiday season? A cool $7,115,000,000. Last holiday season? $5,749,000,000. Net income this seaon? $1,004,000,000. Last season? $565,000,000. Nearly doubling one's net income is known, in technical business jargon, as "Freakin' awesome!"


It looks like that Intel "gamble" is paying off, eh? Remember, Jobs recently announced that 50 percent of all new Mac sales in all U.S retail channels are to new Mac users.


Isn't is nice, as a Mac lifer, to be sitting in the comfortably familiar seats of the Mac bandwagon while everybody else is just jumping on? Move over, folks, there's room for everybody!


A couple of other salient points from Apple's report:


Steve Jobs: "We've just kicked off what is going to be a very strong new product year for Apple by launching Apple TV and the revolutionary iPhone."


Peter Oppenheimer (Apple's CFO): "We generated over $1.75 billion in cash during the quarter to end with $11.9 billion. Looking ahead to the second fiscal quarter of 2007, we expect revenue of $4.8 to $4.9 billion and earnings per diluted share of $.54 to $.56."


A smiling spreadsheet: Apple's cash in the bank after this year's Q1: $7,159,000,000; Apple's cash in the bank after last year's Q1: $6,392,000,000.


One final Fun Fact to Know and Tell: 'Book sales last holiday season totaled 587,000; this holiday season they exploded to 969,000. Seems that there were a lot of MacBooks under the ol' Christmas tree, Hannuka menora, Kwanzaa kinara, or non-sectarian winter wonderfulness.






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