AppleWorks Drawing Workarounds

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AppleWorks Drawing Workarounds

I am a longtime AppleWorks 6 user who now uses iWork ’08. I can use Pages as my word processor and Numbers as my spreadsheet, but what can I use to replace AppleWorks’ Draw module?


EazyDraw is a worthy successor to the Draw module in AppleWorks 6. 


If you’re looking for a robust drawing app that will import your old AppleWorks 6 Draw documents, take a look at Dekorra Optics’ EazyDraw (3 out of 5 stars). EazyDraw can handle free-form drawings as well as technical diagrams, organization charts, and family trees. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a very user-friendly program with lots of built-in templates and a gigantic collection of artwork, fonts, and special effects, then check out Software MacKiev’s The Print Shop for Mac (4 out of 5 stars, Aug/07, p64). It’s one of our favorite tools for creating flyers, newsletters, pamphlets, certificates, greeting cards, and more. Sure, Pages can help you with a lot of these tasks on its own, but if you need more options, go with The Print Shop.



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i had to get a new apple (BIG SIGH)...LOVED my g5 for 7 way to find a new motherboard...have EVERYTHING IN MY LIFE IN APPLEWORKS...of course won't work AT ALL with's the others said pages is ok...numbers is ok BUT i have like 200 quilt patterns in Appleworks drawing program...ok so i read all about this hard to use one BUT MAJOR QUESTION...WILL IT ACTUALLY OPEN MY APPLEWORKS DRAWING FILES just by downloading it? and from WHERE can i buy it if it REALLY WILL open my appleworks already made files...PLEASE HELP i'm a stupid old lady...either find my on facebook under JL Haddaway OR email me at
THANK YOU! FOR ANY & ALL HELP (you will be helping me to not get any more grey hairs and my family will love me again!



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I for one am going to stick with AppleWorks for awhile. First of all, there's zero learning curve and, even though Apple's new Bento now provides a database, using a bunch of different apps is still not as good as having them all integrated into one. And that's the reason I still have not forgiven Apple for letting AppleWorks languish.



I plan to stay with it in my elementary school classes. It has always been very user friendly.
Janet K.



How about Intaglio (

I have tried a bunch of different programs, including the two mentioned above, and Intaglio was the only one that I could stand to use. Just my personal opinion. This is a program that is great for everyday use, not just for playing with for one day after you purchased the license.

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