Applists for iPhone: First Look

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Applists for iPhone: First Look

Earlier this week we showed you Leaflets, a site from Blue Flavor that lets you launch Safari-bsed apps from a page that resembles the iPhone's home screen. Currently it has 10 apps you can launch by tapping their icons.


But if you're looking for a similar site that lets you create your own faux home screens of icons for iPhone Web apps, check out Applists. Just navigate to on your iPhone. Click the View iPhone Apps bar in the middle of the page, or use the gray navigation buttons at the top to see all the apps available.


The home screen of on the iPhone.


As of this writing, there are 90 items in the All Apps list, and a drop-down menu also lets you filter them by category. Those are Entertainment, Entertainment - Movies, Entertainment - Music, Entertainment - Video, Food, Games, News Channel, News - Classifieds, News - Reader, Political - Presidential, Religion, Search, Social, Social - Messenger, Sports, Sports - Calendar, Sports - Channel, Utilities, Utilities - Language, and Utilities Wi-Fi.


Some of the apps in the main list. As of this writing, there are 90 apps, and it's easy to suggest more.


Once you find an app and click its icon in the list, you are taken to a screen from which you can launch the app by tapping the image on the left (the app launches in a new Safari window), or add it to your My Favorites applist. Another buttons lets you email the app's URL to a friend.


After you've added a thing or two to your My Favorites applist, you can tap the My Apps button in the top navigation bar. Your chosen apps are displayed as icons in a grid, just like the iPhone's home screen. Clicking an icon opens that app in a new Safari window.


But the best thing about Applists is that you can compile as many lists as you want. From your My Apps screen, just tap the blue plus sign next to the My Favorites drop-down menu (under the gray navigation bars). You can add as many lists as you want. One for news, one for games, one for apps you'd use at home or at work, whatever works for you.


Here's a list I made of games. You can have as many icons as you want on a list -- if they don't all fit on the screen, you just scroll down.


Once you set up your lists, you'll have to chose the desired one from the drop-down menu on the screen where you add the apps. It can be a lot of clicking, but it's not too difficult to set up. Or you can always put all your apps in your My Favorites list and then just scroll up and down to find what you're looking for.


You can also suggest apps if you know any that aren't listed, and if you create an account, your lists will be saved and you can access them from any iPhone. You can also log in and see your lists on a Mac or PC running Safari.


I was all excited that I could set up my lists on my Mac, with the mouse. No luck. I could log in, I could see the lists I had set up, launch the apps already on them, and even create new lists. But I couldn't add apps to them. Once I got to the main list of apps, clicking on them did nothing. This was tested on two Macs on different networks. Must just be a bug. In any case, creating an account is an easy way to save your applists so you can see them from any iPhone.


One of my favorites,, shows you the best gas prices in your ZIP code.


You can get to Applists on your iPhone (or on your Mac's Safari browser) by navigating to



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iPhone it's a greatest gadget from Apple!!!!



Unfortunately - this app was written using data not owned by the author.

Apps are fine - but - content is still king and must be acquired legally



I'm sorry that I'm so late to respond your comment. I had come upon it about two years ago and decided to not respond given the period of time that had elapsed.

However, finding myself here again, it seems appropriate to address it even at this late date — given the potential implications of statements like the ones above: "this app was written using data not owned by the author..." and "...must be acquired legally" — as content, good and bad, can live forever on the web.

That said, I can understand how you might have been confused, seeing other people's apps featured on Applists. But, the truth is that Applists did not use any content that it was not approved to display.

Applists was created to serve two purposes:

1. To feature the great apps created by developers of web apps for the iPhone (with their permission)
2. To provide a single trusted source for consumers to find all of those great apps vs. searching through Google to locate an app, bookmark it, and then repeat.

Applists was a web app that provided a springboard for other web apps. Its UI/UX was similar to that of Apple's original iPhone — we did this for familiarity for the consumer and to further support Apple's platform.

Even still, we connected with Apple at their iPhone Tech Talks to show them what we had created and confirm there was no infringement or conflict with them. We also had the pleasure of demonstrating some of the great work that our fellow developers had created.

Perhaps most importantly, the apps never lived in Applists. We respected Apple's wishes not to jailbreak the iPhone and we requested that interested developers supply an icon of the app and a link to their web app (in many cases we even had our designers assist developers by creating custom icons for them, at no charge).

When consumers tapped on an app icon in Applists a new browser window would open and they would be taken directly to the developer's web app.

While Applists no longer exists, (having deferred to the App Store in 2008), it was a labor of love born out of the 2007 iPhone DevCamp (with a patent pending before ever having stepped into the camp). No money was made from advertising, or any other source.

In fact, it's important to note that having never been to a DevCamp before, the patent was filed solely to provide proof that the idea existed in our minds prior to the camp to avoid any potential conflict if someone had a similar idea.

However, what we found at the DevCamp was a group of brilliant, hard working people who were dedicated to sharing knowledge and ideas for the betterment of us all. In short, the pending patent was unnecessary, and as such we let it expire.

To sum up, Applists was created solely as a method to connect developers with the consumers that wanted and needed their great apps. And we did. We're so glad we had the opportunity to provide a precursor to the App Store and serve over 250,000 people from all around the world. On top of that, being featured in great publications like MacLife was beyond our wildest dreams. Our hats are off to Apple, DevCamps, the development community and the consumers who embraced us. Thank you, once again.

I hope this has been helpful to clear things up for you.

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