Are Secrets Hidden in iPhone Ads? Plus, a New File System for Leopard, and More

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Are Secrets Hidden in iPhone Ads? Plus, a New File System for Leopard, and More

iPhone hype reaches new heights: As the iPhone launch iGets iCloser but we still don't have much new info, the Netizens have had to stoop to scrutinizing the commercials for the tiniest clues - cluelettes, even. Maybe you noticed that in some of the images, 11 icons are shown in the iPhone's menu. But zounds! In another, there's a 12th icon for some probably fabulous mystery app! Oh, and in the first round of commercial airings, there was a disclaimer about the iPhone requiring a two-year contract. And now it's gone, and it's been removed from the old spots, too! And what of the observation that an Adobe Flash clip is shown rendering properly in the newest, Safari-focused iPhone ad? What does this all mean?! (Probably that it supports Flash.) While you ponder, take a minute to giggle at this frame-by-frame analysis of the menu animations, or as it's called here, "an iPhone dance in three acts." (We were hoping for something a little more interpretive.)


One more thing: Hype thing, that is. Yeah, WWDC starts Monday, so there's still a little more time for keynote chin-scratching. Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz may have already revealed one of Leopard's secrets by saying that the OS will use the company's open-source ZFS file storage system (see a video here, and learn more about ZFS here). Now the smart money is on the new iMac line NOT being announced yet. The banners are up, oh joy of joys. (They don't say much. Leopard focus.) People - us included - are still wondering when the new iLife will finally show up, and a German site says that deliveries of new copies of iLife '06 are being delayed until June 12 -- one day after the keynote. Hmm. (We're not sure what their source is, as we ... um ... don't speak German.) We completely agree with this opinion piece that the new iLife should be bundled with Leopard, and that a yearly subscription service to provide the latest OS X kit, iLife, and .Mac updates would rule. Oh, and if you want to completely avoid hearing about any keynote announcements until you can watch the QuickTime video for yourself, MacRumors can help you remain blissfully spoiler-free.


And finally: While we're agreeing with people, a big ditto goes to CNET's Daniel Terdiman for saying that swag is bad for the environment ... but, like him, we still like it. (Especially when it's wrapped in recyclable paper instead of plastic. But a trend toward less packaging for everything is long, long overdue.) Research by iSuppli has revealed that the Apple TV costs $237 to make, leaving Apple with a profit as little as $7.75 on each one. Not a lot, but hopefully still enough to buy some powdered booze. Yes, some Dutch students have invented alcohol powder, perfect for ... minors?




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The German site says that a woman sent them an email, claiming to have placed an order for iWork 06 that was supposed to have arrived by now, but the delivery date was changed to June 12. The web site says this is nothing out of the ordinary, except that WWDC starts between the old and the new delivery dates. So this could be a hint (notice the word "hint") that a new version of iWork is on the way.

In other words, they said, "A letter poured in."

They didn't say new copies are being delayed, they said they knew of ONE copy that was being delayed. Someone feverishly overtranslated the German.



The German article basically says that they received an email saying that one customer, who had ordered iLife, received a message that the shipment would be delayed until June 12.



Wouldn't June 12 in Germany be June 11 where WWDC is meaning both accounts could be true?

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