Ask the Experts: Eight New Answers to Eight New Questions

Ask the Experts: Eight New Answers to Eight New Questions

It's time for another set of answers to your Ask the Experts questions. Check these out, and learn a thing or three - and take another giant step towards a career at an Apple Store Genius Bar.


> Is it possible to replace the AirPort card in my Core Duo 17-inch MacBook Pro with an 802.11n version?


> With my Mighty Mouse, I could left-click misspelled words see suggested spellings. Can I make my new Logitech mouse do the same?


> Why can't I install applications on my external hard drive?


> After running Software Update, Java stopped working. The preferences say Java is enabled, but it doesn't work. Can you help?


> Since Orange Micro went south, am I out of luck as far as using my Grappler SCSI card with Mac OS X? It works great with OS 9.


> I let Software Update do its thing, but now when I restart all I see is gibberish about not finding some master.passwd file.


> I have three partitions on my internal drive. Do I have to repartition them into one before installing and using Parallels?


> When I burn pictures and video from iMovie to iDVD, can I view them without having to watch the movie they have been encoded to?


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