Ask the Experts: Nine New Answers to Nine of Your Questions

Ask the Experts: Nine New Answers to Nine of Your Questions

It's time for our weekly set of answers to your Ask the Experts questions. Check these out, and learn a thing or three - and take another giant step toward Mac-guru status.


> When I first got my Mac, it helped me transfer my stuff from my old Mac. If I give my Mac away, can the new owner do that again?


> Every time I boot up my G4, the time and date are wrong - why is that and how can I fix it?


> How do I convert Super 8 film into a digital format?


> Would anything happen to a CompactFlash card if I got it too close to my MacBook's MagSafe power adapter?


> I'm sick of waiting for TypeStyler to get with the Mac OS X program. Is there a similar text-tweaking app for OS X?


> I can't give up Mac OS 9 because of the way-useful outlining program called More. Is there anything comparable in Mac OS X?


> Since Kai's Power Show never made it over to Mac OS X from Mac OS 9, what's the next best thing for slideshows?


> Is there an easy way to save an image as wallpaper on my Mac as there is in Windows?


> Are you aware of an application that places a doodad in the menubar for switching audio outputs?


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