Ask the Experts: Seven New Answers to Seven New Questions

Ask the Experts: Seven New Answers to Seven New Questions

It's time for another set of answers to your Ask the Experts questions. Check these out, and learn a thing or three - and take another giant step toward Mac-guru status.


> I shop an online store that requires Internet Explorer. I could use IE 5.2 on my Mac - until recently. Any suggestions?


> Is there a way to move styled and tabled text from TextEdit to a Web page?


> In OS 9 I used labels to move important files to the top of a folder. How can I do the same in OS X?


> When I trace an Internet route - my iMac is connected to a cable modem - I never get a response for the first line. Wassup?


> When I open Sherlock I get "Error 1000, not connected to the Internet." But I am. What port do I need to open?


> I own a G3 iBook. Somebody told me about adding a handle to it. I’d like to try this, but how?


> I'm having trouble booting my PowerMac G4 from an external USB drive. Can you help?


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