AT&T Changes Hotspot Mind Yet Again

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AT&T Changes Hotspot Mind Yet Again



AT&T pulled any mention of free hotspot access from its iPhone plan page yesterday afternoon.


Just a few hours earlier iPhone shoppers were offered free access at AT&T Wi-Fi hotspots with their iPhone plans at no cost.


This would be the third time AT&T has pulled a switcheroo on iPhone owners. iPhone users were greeted with a hotspot access page that indicated free service last week, then without notice, the free access was turned off. Yesterday, the iPhone plan page offered free hotspot access only to be pulled by the end of day.


When asked about the issue AT&T spokesman Mark Siegel issued a "no comment."


So if someone purchased an iPhone during that time, how would they receive the free Wi-Fi access?


We are awaiting an answer to this from AT&T.


Via InfoWorld



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