AT&T Lists Black iPhone and Apologizes for Wi-Fi Mix Up and Curb Your Enthusiasm for iTunes

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AT&T Lists Black iPhone and Apologizes for Wi-Fi Mix Up and Curb Your Enthusiasm for iTunes


AT&T -- Sorry about the mix up: AT&T has finally come clean about their Wi-Fi hotspot shenanigans. Turns out, turning on Wi-Fi and posting the information on their site was human error. A spokesman told the New York Times that free Wi-Fi for iPhone users has been long planned. When asked when it will be available, no comment.


Black iPhone listed in AT&T: In another item that is sure to be chalked up to "human error," AT&T is listing two iPhone choices. The regular iPhone we've all come to know and love, and the new black iPhone. The device option shows up when current customers attempt to upgrade their current device.


PowerBook sparks refund: Apple has agreed to refunds from $25 to $79 to PowerBook and iBook owners for power adaptors that were prone to spark. Customers who bought replacement adaptors are eligible for the settlement. A hearing to approve the settlement is scheduled for September 8.


BSD bug 25 years old: A Swiss Unix developer discovered and fixed a filesystem bug in BSD that has gone undiscovered for 25 years. The bug was found in all forms of BSD systems including OS X.


HBO in iTunes: According to Portfolio, Apple and HBO are in negotiations to bring HBO programming to the iTunes store. The deal would be the first time that Apple has agreed to tiered pricing from a content provider.


MacFormat gets Uncle Walt: UK sister site, MacFormat, interviewed Walt Mossberg during their "MacFormat This Week" podcast. Check it out.



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I think it's interesting that an old bug is actually news on something that affects OS X. How many of these do you think there are in Windows?

I often compare Windows to the North Korean missile development program- they start with a crappy base, and then build a second level on top, calling it new. Then another level, and another level, on top of the same terrible base, which never gets rewritten completely.

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