Atomic Apple, Adobe Releases Lightroom 2.0 Beta and Sub-$200 WiFi Touch-Screen iPods

Atomic Apple, Adobe Releases Lightroom 2.0 Beta and Sub-$200 WiFi Touch-Screen iPods


Atomic Apple: Intel released details of its new low-cost, low-power processors for handheld devices. Some Apple watchers speculate the new processors, dubbed Atom, will find their way into new touch-screen, web-surfing devices Apple is rumored to be working on.


Adobe challenges Apple: Adobe released Photoshop Lightroom 2.0 Beta to battle Appleā€™s Aperture for post-production photography workflow superiority.


Sub-$200 WiFi touch-screen iPods: Piper Jaffray analyst, Gene Munster said, he expects Apple to release new, cheaper, Wi-Fi enabled touch-screen iPods by September.


Meet the iPhone faithful: Anyone who wants to learn about the iPhone faithful can read a detailed full 35-page white paper with color charts by Michael Mace at Rubicon Consulting.


New 3G iPhone could arrive in June: Shaw Wu of American Technology Research speculates the new 3G iPhone could arrive in late June based on his sources. Doesn't the new iPhone has to be inspected by the fine folks at the FCC before it's released?




Steve Jobs has his own timeframe: In April 2006 Steve Jobs announced a new Apple Campus proposal in Cupertino, Calif. He said, it would take 3 to 4 years to complete, but as of today. There has been no activity at the proposed site.


New Mac ads: Lovers of the "Get a Mac" ads have two new ads to critique: "Yoga" featuring "Miss Guided" and Apple's Get a Mac "Breakthrough".


Swing into the 21st Century: Veteran Wall Street executive Roger Ehrenberg and his family are switching from Windows to Apple. Ehrenberg says Macs cool apps will allow him to experiment and try new things on the computer.




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MacLife get your hearing checked please. He said it would take them 3-4 years to design it. Not to build it. They're probably still hammering out the design and/or dealing with the city on the plans.


Fritz 3RD

Did I hear correctly, that it will take 3 to 4 years to design the campus? Or is it 3 to 4 years to build?

Where is the site? I would like to see it on Google View.

Thanks :)



One thing I have not liked about Apple is the price they set for their products. For a PC with the same features, you would pay considerably less than for a Mac. I just hope the new sub-$200 iPods are not skimpy on memory or features, since the ones in the 60+ GB range (the best ones) are over $200. I still enjoy Macs a lot more than PCs, but if they want to compete they must adjust their prices accordingly.

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