aTV Flash Returns

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aTV Flash Returns


It appears that Apple Core LLC may have found a way around their issues with the way they were distributing their software. In a previous update, it was appearing to look like Apple and/or independent developers were beginning to get a bit upset about what the company was doing and is now doing again.


After several days of being absent and off the market, aTV Flash is once again available for sale, but this time in a new format and upgraded to version 3.0.  The new format is an immediate download including instructions on how to install the aTV Flash software on your own USB Flash drive.  They recommend that it be at least a 256 MB minimum sized flash drive. You can also order it installed as part of an Apple TV upgrade order (i.e. disk drive space increase).


Per their website on Monday, June 2, 2008:


We're proud to announce the aTV Flash is back!


We're now offering it in two versions.


The first is an electronic version that can be be downloaded instantly after purchase. This allows the user to use their own existing flash drive for the aTV Flash software to run on. Currently this requires a Macintosh computer running Tiger or Leopard.


The second option is a pre-install option where we can pre-install the software on all new and upgrade Apple TV orders that are placed with us.


Whichever option you choose, you still get the same great software, support and updates as in previous version.


Thanks again for your business.


Apple Core, LLC


A reader, Michael Pantoja, shares his aTV Flash experience on the Cult of Mac website and it's definitely worth a read as I've experienced some of the same problems.


Currently, the product is only supported on the Mac because it requires files from an Apple TV OS image file you are directed to download from Apple in order to build your own flash drive. This is definitely not an upgrade for the faint of heart, and it's possibly something that most people may want to avoid.




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