Au Revoir Apple Expo

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Au Revoir Apple Expo



Apple has officially pulled out of Apple Expo '08 being held in France.


Apple stated that it has reduced its participation in trade fairs and is instead focusing on its web site to reach its customers.


This is the 25th anniversary of the event and Apple's decision to pull out is a blow to organizers.


The worst part, I can't talk my bosses into sending me to France to cover the event. Thanks for ruining my vacation plans Apple.




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This is the 25th anniversary of the event, but the presence of Apple has not always been 'in full force' in those 25 years. Besides, the Apple Expo in France was relatively weak in terms of product news or product announcements compared to events in the USA. And with video conferincing and low cost (transatlantic) flights, the value of the venue as a unique meetingpoint for continental europe has also diminished.

Anybody else who thinks the timing of the news on the Apple shop in Paris and the pull out of the Apple Expo are not a pure coincidence?



think this is a good business decision.


Kendall Tawes

I don't understand this reasoning. Even Microsoft understands that in order to move product you have to get out there. It seems just silly that Apple doesn't want to give more backing to an event that does nothing but grow the brand and encourage growth. This doesn't sit well with me because while it's one thing to be secretive it's quite another remain in seclusion. One can't sit at home and wonder why their friends don't come over and I think Apple should (re?)-learn this.

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