B2 Wassup

B2 Wassup

You’ve just been served - by a dancing thingy that loosely resembles a rabbit.


It’s not enough that you dance to your music - your speaker wants to get its groove on too. The dancing speakers we’ve seen are toy-quality dogs, cars, and even something called an iZ. And now there’s Wassup, a dancing speaker in the form of a…rabbit? Well, that’s the closest thing we could determine that it resembles.


Wassup has an audio-in port, so you can connect an iPod, MacBook, or any other audio device. When music plays, Wassup does its thing, kicking its legs up, waving its ears, and spinning in circles. The speaker has some built-in sample songs, so when you need a fix of Wassup action, all you have to do is push a button to see it dance for about 15 seconds. And that’s about all we could take.


Wassup has a small single speaker that sounds like a handheld AM/FM radio, and it’s not loud enough to fill a room for a party. It’s definitely not for audio aficionados or anyone who wants clear, full-bodied sound.


The bottom line. Wassup’s dance moves might entertain the kids (for a few minutes). But grown-ups who find themselves turning to gimmicks like Wassup to breathe life into their music should consider spending their $25 on adding new songs to their collections.



CONTACT: www.b2stuff.com

PRICE: $24.99

REQUIREMENTS: Any device with an audio-out jack.

What’s fun and entertaining to some…

…is annoying and irritating to others. Low-quality speaker sound.





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