Baby, You Can Drive My Device

Baby, You Can Drive My Device

USB Overdrive is the only USB device driver that you may ever need to install for your mice, joysticks, gamepads, and trackballs.


I have an old iShock II game controller whose drivers have been discontinued. Is there any way I can get this controller to work with my Intel-based iMac?


Absolutely. All you need to bring your game controller back from extinction is the outstanding Intel-native device driver USB Overdrive ($20, USB Overdrive works with any USB game controller, USB or Bluetooth mouse, or USB trackball. It lets you assign each wheel, button, switch, and control to one of many useful functions (such as clicking, typing, scrolling, or launching) on either a global or a per-application basis, and it can handle several USB devices simultaneously.


Even if the drivers haven’t been discontinued for your particular USB device, you may still want to consider using USB Overdrive as your universal driver because its functionality often surpasses the manufacturer’s own Mac OS X drivers.




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