Back That Mac Up

Back That Mac Up

Step 3: Dry Run

 It's wise to verify your backup before you actually need it. After creating your first Full backup, pretend you've lost everything-use a different Mac for extra realism. First, find the Backup file (for example, Purchased Music - 2005.12.15- on your hard drive, iDisk, or optical disc. Whatever the destination, Backup creates a Backups folder at the root level and stashes your backups there (unless you designate a different location). Double-click the backup file to open the associated Plan. Check the Restore To An Alternate Location box, choose a destination, and press Restore Selection. Backup recreates the file path for you.

Backup even reminds you where your replacement data goes.




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Well as it works out, backup (Version 3.1.2, the only version availble at this writing) is limited to 100K per backup for trial accounts. In order to be able to make full use of backup one must anty up for a full .Mac account.

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