Back That Mac Up

Back That Mac Up

Step 4: Micromanage

 If you're a rabid backer-upper, your Backups folder will fill up fast. To weed out the excess, launch Backup, highlight one of the Plans in your Backup window, and select Plan > Full Backup to create a new master backup for that specific Plan. This restarts this Backup Plan from scratch, so you can delete all of the Plan's other backup files. Obviously, if you back up multiple Plans to the same Backups folder, be careful when rotating your backups.

In a sea of backup files, it's easy to grab the wrong one.




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Well as it works out, backup (Version 3.1.2, the only version availble at this writing) is limited to 100K per backup for trial accounts. In order to be able to make full use of backup one must anty up for a full .Mac account.

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