Back to My Mac Thwarts Thieves

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Back to My Mac Thwarts Thieves



A White Plains Apple Store employee handed out some sweet, sweet nerd justice when she caught the burglars who pilfered her MacBook during a home robbery.


After the robbery, the victim's friend noticed the victim seemed to be online. He called her at work and asked if she was online. Realizing it was the thieves, she jumped on another Mac, enabled Back to My Mac, launched Photo Booth and snapped a pic of one of the thieves.


When the image was shown to roommates, they realized he had attended a get-together at the apartment a few weeks earlier. She turned the info and pics over to the police and was reunited with her computer.


The thieves were charged with second-degree burglary and fourth-degree possession of stolen property.



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Nancy Drew move over! That's an awesome story.



that is excellent work!




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