Bad News for iPhone Competitors = Good News for iPhone and iDisk Browser Flaw

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Bad News for iPhone Competitors = Good News for iPhone and iDisk Browser Flaw


iPhone still apple of reviewers eyes: The LG Voyager took a beating in a Chicago Tribune review. It was all downhill after the reviewer began comparing it to the iPhone. Meanwhile, Palm missed its forecast as customers leave for smart phones that have had their OS updated in the last two years. And Consumer Reports ranked the iPhone higher than the Blackberry Curve. Giving the phones scores of 64 and 61 respectively. Still no copy and paste though.


iDisk browser issue: A Slashdot reader pointed out that you cannot log out of your iDisk in a browser. The iDisk stays in the browser's history and is available, even after logging out of your account. Our advice, don't use the iDisk on a public computer. If you must access your iDisk via public terminal, be sure to erase the history on the browser when finished.


Free iPod touch VoIP, kinda sorta: The iPod touch mod group is giving away their VoIP solution for the iPod touch on New Year's Day. Sounds great until you realize you still need to build your own mic. Time to break out the soldering irons.


Take that VW!: BMW is rumored to be in talks with Apple to replace their iDrive system with an Apple developed system. Hopefully this will spill over into their Mini lineup.


And finally: OMG Baby PANDAS!!!



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