Battlefield 2142

Battlefield 2142

Nothin' like a bit of fraggin' to help two men bond.


The derivative future-world of Battlefield 2142 feels like a mixture of the same old vehicles, weapons, and combat found in other high-tech first-person shooters (FPS). But even through the game rarely innovates, its common parts feel comfortable and fun. FPS enthusiasts need to overlook numerous bugs and glitches, but once we started firing guns inside the bleak world, the great game balance made us forget to care about originality.


There might be a story somewhere inside BF2142, but this all-action, T-rated FPS does little to explain it. And fans of this genre won’t care because it’s all about the combat. Up to 64 players can jump into menacing mechanical walkers, buzz around in buggies, and hoof it across game maps. The multiplayer-only objectives are based on holding checkpoints or destroying enemy gunships. Solo players can practice against AI bots, but there’s no single-player story mode.


Typical FPS weapons (machine gun, sniper rifle, and so on) are available depending on the class of soldier you select. Teamwork is crucial; each side needs to balance its engineers, who are good with heavy weapons, with sniping scouts and other specialties. Some character classes also dole out ammo and health kits, rewarding teams that stick together.


The graphics and sound feel dated. Explosion animations are almost comical in their simplicity, while the rest of the visuals are just sufficient. Game sounds, like squadmates’ commands, are also passable but mediocre. The biggest break in atmosphere may be when you run alongside a buddy - the two sets of identical footsteps take on a slapstick quality. The game also has a smattering of bugs, a horrible interface design, and long load times. These usually aren’t issues once you’re playing, but BF2142 occasionally reset our video preferences or quit unexpectedly.

The bottom line. Despite our complaints, Battlefield 2142 is still engaging. Weapons feel powerful, vehicles have a sense of weight, and it’s fun to man a tank turret while a friend drives. We’d like more variety in gameplay modes, but fans of capture-the-checkpoint-style competition have a new (if familiar) playing field.


COMPANY: Electronic Arts

PRICE: $39.95

REQUIREMENTS: 1.83GHz or faster Intel Core Duo, Mac OS 10.4.9 or later, 1GB RAM, ATI X1600 or nVidia GeForce 7300 or later
Familiar, fun action. Powerful weapons. Exciting vehicles.
Action may be too familiar. Mediocre graphics. Weak interface. Buggy. Doesn’t work with PowerPC processors.





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I'm getting more and more tempted to buy this game, although I'm really getting pissed at EA for rushing games.
Nice to see you didn't take this whole spyware thing under consideration, as much as I hate EA, it's not spyware and they've said what it's does, but the IGA I'm not too pleased about (but from some screenshots it looks alright, fit's in nicely from what I've seen, apart from the pepsi one). If theres IGA then the RRP should be alot lower, because for a PC release, it is a bit pricey.



I bought this game with out reading the fine print. I have an intel macbook and of course it wouldn't work with my system due to the video card. Has anyone played this well with an IMAC?

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