Battlefield 2142 Tips

Battlefield 2142 Tips

Go for the crotch shot!


The new ice age has gotten hot, with the EU and PAC armies fighting for the last sunny vacation spots on the globe. Play online with up to 63 other players as recon, assault, engineer, or support with tons of unlockable weapons and gadgets. Try these tactics the next time a giant walking robot corners you between a gun turret and a hard place.


> After accumulating enough points, unlock frag grenades. Don’t pick anything else.


> If you pick up a downed player’s kit, you have access to their unlocks until you change kits or die.


> The Battlewalker can crouch, making it easier to kill pesky infantry trying to lay mines on its legs.


> Tanks can only be taken down by a Battlewalker’s missiles. Save your bullets.


> The weakest points on a walker are its crotch (duh), the vents underneath, and the insides of the knees. Blast a few rockets in these spots, and the walker is toast.


> Attaching three RDX packs to a walker’s leg should take it out in one shot.




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