The Best Bag for Your 'Book (Part 4)

The Best Bag for Your 'Book (Part 4)


The Case-Mate Signature Suit swaths your MacBook Pro in the finest Corinthian leather. OK, we don’t really know if the leather’s from Corinth (probably not), but Case-Mate chose soft, supple, genuine leather that feels like a luxurious but comfy pair of driving mocs. The molded case attaches to your ’Book effortlessly, using clear plastic straps on the top, over the screen, leaving all the ports, the Apple logo, and space on the bottom for air circulation uncovered. Only two downsides: You can’t plug in a DVI cable for an external monitor while this case is on, and it’s quite pricey.



COMPANY: Case-Mate


PRICE: $159.99

SPECIFICATIONS: fits a 15" MacBook Pro only (other sizes available)

Gorgeous, supple leather. Laptop snaps in and out easily. Key ports left accessible. Also available in black, green, and white.

Pricey. Case is just a couple millimeters too close to the DVI port, making it impossible to use an external monitor when case is on.




If you’d prefer something more affordable that doesn’t use actual animal hide, the iSkin SOHO could be the solution. It’s got a pebbled texture and reverse stitching that comes in a variety of colors. Otherwise, its design is nearly identical to the Crumpler case below.





PRICE: $64.99

SPECIFICATIONS: fits a 15" MacBook Pro (SOHO for 13" MacBook is available for $59.99)

Reverse stitching in a variety of colors adds a touch of style to an otherwise fairly standard laptop case.

Pricey compared to other vinyl cases. Does not vent heat when ’Book is used inside the case.




Crumpler’s MacBook Pro School Hymn 15" zips closed on three sides, protecting your laptop in a case that you won’t be embarrassed to show off at school or the office. The case is obviously made from leather-look vinyl, but that’s not such a bad thing, especially if you hang out with members of PETA. It’s on the bulky side, though, considering that you can’t store anything but your ’Book inside. You can work on your laptop with the case lid open, but only in short stints; the ’Book heats up on the bottom and there’s no way to vent it.



COMPANY: Crumpler


PRICE: $50

SPECIFICATIONS: fits a 15" MacBook Pro (other sizes available)

Smart styling without harming any animals. Easy to zip and unzip. Also available in black, green, and blue.

Faux leather a bit cheap-looking. No way to vent a MacBook Pro.







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I really like hard shell cases to protect my MBP. A lot of places offer super glossy/crystal hardshells, but I'm especially partial to the rubberized/matte/satin finish (:

I like some of the sleeve/cases that are mentioned in this post, but I hate it when I have a super bulky case on my MBP, so I prefer hard shell cases

i personally bought these WaveToGo MacBook cases. I bought mine with the keyboard skins, too, and those are especially handy (and the screen protectors) - where i bought my pretty cases



It’s hard to find knowledgeable people on this topic, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks
large tote bags



I love some of these bags, great color too. I saw an experimental design once using Tempurpedic foam to insulate a mac book, it looks really good but would probably be expensive if ever released on the market.



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Anybody know where I can buy the Built laptop sleeve online if I'm from Canada? The Built website only sells to US customers.



I found a case that is very cool
fits for 17.
Found this one is a few can hand carry it and use the laptop while being protective AND access all the ports.

Interesting logic behind it. Most cases you have to take the laptop out. This one you don't



I just got my Isis Macbook Pro cover- memory foam. The memory foam is really squishy..I love it. It fits my Pro perfectly.



First off let me say I hate the hard case I had for my MBP.  I have an Isis Dei memory foam case too and I love it.  I can't wait for the Skullcandy collaboration they are doing.  Finally there is a company out there that makes stylish MacBook sleeves and covers.  (



Bought this MacBook Case few days ago, and I got it today. I absolutely loved it!
As you can see, it is Mac! Case doesn't ruins the Apple design.
It's easy to install... Just snap in. No tools needed.
A lot of people worry about getting scratches while you put the case, but I didn't have a problem at all.
It's bit pricey, but it's worth it!!! Trust me, You will love it



Do they even make one? I had a hard time even finding a stylish bag.



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