Better Backdating with Time Machine

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Better Backdating with Time Machine

Mac|Life reader, Peter Weisz, tipped us on an undocumented option within Leopard's Time Machine application.


According to the documentation, "Once Time Machine has been set up, it’s a snap to zoom back and alter exercise prices, revise board minutes, or whatever you need to do to avoid annoying SEC scrutiny."


Check out the "screen grab" below for the full set of options available to the small business.


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Veeeeery funny. It seems that there is no record on the apple website-when I searched for backdating it came up with a grand total of...



Michael Dunlop

It's very funny that you actually looked for this on Apples website....



Steve Jobs heard about the data leak! Nice.


David Willmore

Well of course not! It was removed from Apple's servers by time machine as soon as Steve Jobs heard about the data leak!

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