Better iPhone Battery and Display Surface, Safari for Windows, and More

Better iPhone Battery and Display Surface, Safari for Windows, and More

iPhone already has improvements: Did you have a nice weekend, two days free of the iPhone hype? Well, it's Monday, and that means it's time to jump back on the iPhone hype! The iPhone isn't even out yet, and Apple has already improved the iPhone battery life from the initially reported five hours to eight hours. Apple has also upgraded the iPhone touch display surface from plastic to and optical-quality glass that's more scratch resistant. We're sure the 19 million wannabe iPhone users are happy about the changes. They should also be happy to hear that if you can't get an iPhone on June 29, iPhone distribution will widenafter the initial release. And in case you forgot, the iPhone could change the tech industry. If you're reading this from Europe, Apple is still negotiating with potential European partners.


Safari for Windows a bad idea: Mike Elgan, a columnist believes that Apple is picking a fight it can't win by releasing Sarfari for Windows. He makes a couple of good points. For example, Elgan says that Safari for Windows needs to be Windows-like, not Mac-like. Elgan also points out that Apple's real competition in the Windows market is Firefox, not Internet Explorer. But considering that Apple only looking to increase revenue from search bar usage, maybe Apple only plans for minimal support for Safari for Windows.


Life After Steve: A long article in New York magazine examines Steve Jobs, and wonders if Jobs is on the downswing of his career. It also talks about some of the behind the scenes happenings at the recent Bill Gates/Steve Jobs pow-wow at the recent D5 Conference.



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I view Apple and Apple products as somthing special
in the computer world. Steve Jobs leaving would be
bad, but I know it will have to happen at some point.
Steve Jobs is Apple. Apple is Steve Jobs. You can't re-
create a person. Walt Disney, Micheal Jordan, Steve Vai,
Stevie Ray Vaughan, Brett Farve. List goes on....



We'll be OK.



If I am not mistaken, there are 10+ applications from Apple for Windows.

It seems that eventually Apple's OS might be available for PC in the future.

Just a though.



iPhone - The battery can improve yet again in iPhone version 2.0 - using Lithium Sulfur Dioxide Batteries - more power, smaller size, longer rechargeble life than current battery technology.

Safari on Windows - is the same as Safari on Mac.
It calls OS X DLL's - a wrapper that allows mac software to run within windows.

Now, once that OS X within Windows support software is perfected, All Apple Macintosh Software can run in Windows, or in OS X - the OS will not matter anymore. Big Profits to come...
'Apple is a Software Company' - Steve Jobs.

Steve is a human being so sometime he may want to move on from Apple. But even from the sidelines, Mr. Jobs is an inspiration to all Apple employees and Apple customers. He can set the course of the Apple flagship, and leave most of the piloting to the crew...

All in All - Apple 2008 will be the biggest year ever for Apple.



People just don't get it. Putting Safari on Windows has nothing to do with a browser war; it's part of a larger plan, and one that I'm pretty excited to watch unfold. I think this is all just the beginning.

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