Better Your iLife (Part 3)

Better Your iLife (Part 3)

3. Unlock Color Effects. iMovie ’08 offers some basic color effects by default, but you can unlock new color effects by putting iMovie into its Advanced Editing mode, which you enable by choosing iMovie > Preferences and checking the Show Advanced Tools option.


Turning on Advanced Editing mode (right) adds Gain sliders for red, green, and blue to the default Video Adjustments panel (left).


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Audio Tips


1. Pin Music to a Frame of Video. You can “pin” a piece of music so that it always plays at a particular point in your video, no matter what kind of edits you make down the road. This lets you time your music to play perfectly with events in your video, and also lets you create empty gaps between different music tracks in your movie.


In the Project window, position your pointer at the beginning of the music clip over its title header. Your mouse pointer will turn into a hand cursor. Click and drag the clip to a new position in your project wherever you want your music to start.


iMovie displays a small pin icon in the upper left corner of the music clip, telling you that it’s now pinned to that particular frame of video. It also changes the color of the music clip from green to purple. If you ever want to unpin the music, click the music clip to select it, and then choose Edit > Un-Pin Music Track.


The little pin (circled) means that the purple track means is pinned to the corresponding clip. Notice how the green track isn’t pinned to anything.


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2. Extract Audio From a Video Clip. iMovie ’08 lets you take just the audio from a piece of video and edit it into your movie as an independent audio clip. For instance, you might want to grab the sound of a crowd cheering someone’s name and place it over their close-up.


Starting in iMovie’s Library Browser, click and drag your mouse over the video that carries the audio you want to extract. Hold the Command and Shift keys and drag this selection into your Project window, positioning it wherever the audio should play. Release the mouse, and iMovie will add the extracted audio to your project as an independent clip.






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