Biggest Apple Store Opens, CompUSA to Close, Nokia Copies Apple's Revenue Plan

Biggest Apple Store Opens, CompUSA to Close, Nokia Copies Apple's Revenue Plan


Apple opens largest store in NYC: Large crowds were on hand at the opening of the West 14th Street Apple Store in New York City this past weekend. The three-story store features 46-foot Genius Bar, over 175 staffers, and a pretty-looking staircase.


CompUSA goes titsup: OK, so we borrowed the headline, which sounds like another way of saying belly up. Anyway, the national computer retailer is closing shop, and you know what that means - keep your eye out for the clearance sale! You probably won't get good deals on Macs and other hardware, but you might get good deals on optical media, ink, paper, and stuff like that.


Washington Post loves italics, hates the Apple Store: Washington Post writer Hank Stuever takes a look at the Apple Store and the Apple Store phenonmena. He says that the Apple Store isn't cool anymore, that they're too crowded and chaotic.


Know a switcher? Help him out: It's the holidays, which makes it a good time to consider switching from a PC to a Mac. This guide answers the really basic questions for switchers.


Nokia wants Apple-like money: Nokia plans to change its business plan to be more like Apple's. Nokia wants a cut in user revenues. That could mean service providers will hike up fees.


Bungie won't make Mac games: Bungie has no plans to develop for any other platform except the Xbox. As many Mac enthusiasts know, Bungie started out in the Mac market. Too bad Bungie doesn't care about its roots.


Precious metals: Got a lot of extra cash and a person on your holilday shopping list that's never satisfied? Get them a gold plated iPod or a gold MacBook Pro.




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Ron in Ann Arbor

Actually -- the CompUSA stores that already went out of business throughout the midwest DID INDEED put everything in their stock that is Apple on the same discount sale as everything else.

The midwest stores, as they went out of business in the spring - started with 10 -15 percent off for the first week, then went to 15 - 20 percent off, and so on until anything remaining was at 60 - 80 percent off.

I got my copy of Apple Aperture when it went to 50 percent off...149.00 for a 299.00 product wasn't too shabby, and they had dozens of boxes of it left at that time...

Don't be afraid to check out and pick over compUSA as it goes -- the only thing they pulled out of stock before discounting was their HDTV and Plasma TV systems. Everything else goes.


Eric B.

When the CompUSA stores started closing, I read on the Consumerist ( that the deals were not deals to begin with but rather complete ripoffs. They intentionally jacked up the prices to at- or above-retail prices. They wanted $40-$50 for Call of Duty in the brick-and-mortar store, but CompUSA online had it for $30.

I'd suggest waiting until the final sale (not the pre-final sale) or hope that they throw the remaining stock in a dumpster, then go dumpster diving.



Hehe - dumpster diving -- there was absolutely NOTHING left at the CompUSA stores they already liquidated -- down to people buying the furnishings and used extension cords from the back offices...there won't be anything left to dumpster dive.

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