Block Breaker Deluxe

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Block Breaker Deluxe


Welcome to the neon-and-sharkskin world of underground, professional block breaking. Yes, we’d never heard of this high-stakes, live-fast, die-young society until booting up an iPod game of Block Breaker Deluxe. And this mediocre slobs-versus-snobs setup -- guess which one you play -- is about as engaging as the actual Breakout-style game.


If you’ve played the original or any of its countless clones, you’ll know what to expect. The iPod click wheel swings the paddle across the bottom of the screen, bouncing a ball to clear bricks. This time, power-ups add lasers, extra balls, and other upgrades. And a few creative twists -- like an in-game poker hand -- are genuinely interesting.


But those deviations aren’t enough to offset the dozens of uneven levels. Some can be beat in seconds, while we labored through others for ten minutes, trying to hit a single, obscured block. Did anyone test the design? The background story and hilariously puzzling non-sequitur bonuses were the most entertaining. For example, we caught a falling chauffeur’s hat -- earning an imaginary limousine driver -- but just wanted a ride home.


COMPANY: Gameloft

CONTACT: Block Breaker Deluxe

PRICE: $4.99

REQUIREMENTS: iPod Nano (3rd generation), iPod Classic, or iPod Video (5th generation)

Over-the-top "story" distracts from the bad parts of the game. Computer-based level editor lets you generate your own boards.

Almost-impossible-to-reach bricks stop progress regularly. Paddle jumps when you lift your finger off the wheel, making the initial lineup needlessly difficult. Over-the-top "story" distracts from the good parts of the game.





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