10 1337 Gifts for H4x0r World Domination

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10 1337 Gifts for H4x0r World Domination

We know that computer hackers may not be your favorite people on the planet, but they deserve some Holiday loving, too. So, why not give them a gift that'll help them on their quest for world dominatio--er, enjoying either of the three main winter holidays? Or four, if you're into winter soltice.

Anyway, here are 10 awesome gifts that the hacker in your life could use as some inspiration for future code-cracking endeavors. After all, you never know when you'll need someone on your team who can get into the system mainframe.

2600 Magazine

The Hacker’s quarterly is the perfect gift for every discrete hacker who needs some inspiration for their next code-cracking endeavor. Whether it’s social engineering, getting a free pizza from your local parlor, or breaking into social networking profiles, this magazine has something for every kind of hacker. And, every issue comes with kitschy photos of public payphones from around the world. 

Corsair Voyager Mini 16GB 

For the hacker who needs portable applications and a Unix-based operating system running off of a USB memory stick, Corsair’s Voyager Mini has 16GB of storage on an incredibly tiny drive, so you can go incognito wherever you are. 

Upek Eikon To Go

The Upek Eikon To Go is a nifty USB device that contains its own finger print scanner to protect your sensitive information. Log on to your Mac or PC, install the protector suite and protect your data by engaging the FileVault at login. And for hackers, this is a great way to keep snoopers from unconvering your plans for world dominatio--er, Christmas.


Mac Mini Keyboard from Ergonomic Resources

Avoid wrist cramps caused by furious coding with this mini Apple keyboard. If you’re a PC user, Ergonomic resources also offers a variety of other mini keyboards that eliminate the number pad and are lightweight for on the go "happy hacking."

BuckyBalls Magnetic Building Spheres

Sometimes, even hackers need a break from code cracking. BuckyBalls Magnetic Building Spheres provide stimulating entertainment for hackers that will both relax them and inspire them for their future endeavors.  

Kevin D. Mitnick: The Art of Deception: Controlling the Human Element of Security

Every hacker should be familiar with the term "social engineering" a euphemism for manipulating people into performing actions and divulging information. Kevin Mitnick’s book explains how to successfully execute this shameless act of exploitation in the computer world, though most can probably successfully be transferred over into regular human relationships. Still, for the hardcore hacker, why not get them something that explores more than just binary numbers?

Captain Crunch Cereal Whistle

The story of John Draper goes like this: his friend, who was seeing impaired, claimed that the toy whistle featured inside boxes of Captain Crunch cereals could emit a tone at 2600 hertz—the same frequency used by AT&T lines to indicate that a line was still available to route a new call. That sound would, purportedly, effectively disconnect one end and allow the person on the connected end to enter in operator mode. From this experiment, Draper began building blue boxes. Draper even taught his phone “phreaking” skills to Steve Jobs and The Woz.
 You can still find this timeless hacker souvenir on eBay.

Sylvania LED Color Changing Coasters

The male hacker bachelor in your life is going to need a way to impress the ladies--hey, anything to avoid bringing up the fact that he actually breaks into computers. The Sylvania LED color changing coasters actually light up anytime you place a drink on the coaster, keeping things interesting as date night progresses. 

Geek Pen

The ultimate geek pen is the best 5-in-1 utility pen that is both utilitarian and compact, so the hacker on your list can have his tools with him at all times. This awesome gadget features a ball point pen with replaceable cartridge, a stylus for non-capacitive touch screens, one bright white LED flexible-shaft flashlight (so you can write even when it’s dark out), one UV light and a red laser pointer.

7 Piece Professional Electronics Screwdriver Set

Most hackers are also hardware tinkerers, so why not equip them with a set of screwdrivers made especially for the modder in your life? This set comes with six, two-sided metal shafts (shut yo’ mouth!) and a screwdriver handle.




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