Amazon's Rumored Smartphone Will Bring Serious Competition for Apple



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Linkbait Headline. I expected a better entry into this story then speculation about a non-product and its effect on an existing product in non-specific future timeframe.



Tim Cook said in the unveiling keynote for the iPhone 4S that Apple is at least 3 years ahead in terms of a Mobile operating system. Slapping android on a small kindle isn't going to change anything. Good luck.



Good luck to Amazon. I honestly believe that unless Amazon is running the same or close to business plan as Apple has with its iPhone, then there will be no competition to Apple. Do not get me wrong. They will do well in the marketplace, but in my opinion, it will not come at a cost to Apple.



and this from the same people who said Amazon Tablet would give iPad a game!

Where is my MacLife issue in NewsStand for iOS! I've been charged but receive no new mag



In my opinion, it'll be really tough to pull off streamlining in a frankenstein ecosystem involving content stores from 3 different providers, hardware and software input from several more, and multiple accounts with overlapping jurisdictions.
I can see how amazon is attempting an apple-esque vertical integration, but it'll be a shadow without the full package.

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