Can a Next-Gen Nintendo Hardware Topple Apple's Growing Gaming Dominance?



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There's a HUGE difference between cell phone games, and console games (TV and hand held consoles). Cell phone games are quick little games to pass the time on the bus, shitter or waiting for someone.

Phones have too small of a screen, too limited hardware and very poor controls for long-term gaming.

If I'm going to do some serious gaming, I'm going to be playing one of the millions of games I have on my PC, or play one of my consoles. I'll play a game on my phone if I'm killing time waiting for someone.

iOS gaming a run away success? Only the casual market, and that's where it's going to stay.



Why do people keep on saying 3d = future. Sometimes I just want a play a game without having to worry about perspective or getting sick.



Nintendo was game consoles' last hope for innovative games.... Until the Wii arrived. Nintendo truly does make some great games but they lost sight of the fan base that made them who they are today. Now theyve traded all the loyalty for a quick buck from gimmicks that will ultimately be the demise of Nintendo in the console race.



Those of us who enjoy to sit down and play a game for an extended period are not going to be appeased merely by iOS offerings (great as many of those games may be).

To be honest, they may be playing in the same stadiums but they're playing different sports.  They'll affect each others' margins, but this isn't a case of iPhone/iPad vs. the 3DS.

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